Piranha Dredger Jig

The Piranha Dredger Jig features a long shank 8/0 Gamakatsu hook, 3-D jig head design available in 7 long lasting colors clear coated over the eyes to keep them in place along with 24 colored long-tailed skirts giving you 100′s of custom color combos. Because the jig is cast from different alloys in the same mold we can offer two weights with the same size head; 1.5oz and the 3/4oz. The Dredger Jig is very well balanced, giving it even greater vibration and comes with an additional a belly ring in the bottom for those wanting to add flash blade or treble hook. Read More>

Standard 12 color combos: Delta Red Crawler, Sunfish, Knight Stalker, White Knight, Table Rock Shad, Sexy Shad, Chartreuse White, Tilapia, Chartreuse Shad, Black Red Flash, Black Blue Flash, Delta Craw